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They now have with their mistresses charming reports by their cheerfulness their discrete attention they attracted the sympathies, and v acity bit noisy is only witness their joy recognition.

Among the young Serb refugees United States, many were beyond school age, though the wars which for three medical school essay service years had bloodied their country prevented them complete their education, it was difficult to admit that these great young men adorn the high buy research papers online no plagiarism schools a ersities while our students our school students fighting on the front. The Serbian government decided immediately identify its national military age submit a medical examination before the revision commissions.

This measure reached more young people eighteen years, she divided them for the last three Ministry of Interior organized school groups ITsère Voreppe, Vir ille, Saint-Laurent-du-Pont in the Hautes-Alpes, in Mont-Dauphin. Under the direction their national teachers they poursu irent their Serbian baccalaureate preparation of French teachers mobilized, made available by the military authority, familiarized them with our language.

The school population these institutions has never been very stable. A Voreppe, for example, in March, students were number one hundred eighty fifty have been recognized capable military service left school in May some further out to work in the war factories, although only in July these were scarcely more than eighty. But when retired high schools, primary schools, colleges graduate students who had just reached eighteen years that write my business paper would later October.

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We thought the house all in Bernin, but their number exceeding four hundred, much higher than expected, Voreppe received the students, boys girls, who had made Serbia September gymnasium hundred classes five boys twelve girls, which were joined eleven girls who had completed six classes fifty young people who had completed five classes before the war. To make their site had sent to Mont-Dauphin the first hospital in Bernin students. They swelled primitive group increased to about two hundred units.

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Students who had completed six five classes, with the exception of sixty-two kept in Bernin, were sent to Vir ille they were two hundred twenty.

As for those who had not gone beyond fifth class, numbering about seventy, the Saint-Laurent-du-Pont collected the colony.

Meanwhile, dissertation coaching assignments writing services services Serbian government was studying with Department of Public Instruction Ministry of Foreign Affairs United States cre ation of a secondary school in Nice.

The agreement establishes easily projected establishment opened as a free school in early October. Paid e excluded the Serbian state, she was to receive all students during the school year i had known the Serbia during the fifth sixth gym class, the second third year normaliens seminarians.

The study plan embraced the French teaching ten hours a week, Serbian, Latin, history, geography, mathematics, physics, natural history, for the ENS, pedagogy. The study duration was ten months for the fifth class students, for those four sixth, ten months for normaliens second year of three months for third. The penalty was Serbian Bachelor educational exam This creation ended the existence Voreppe Students capable military service required a dual preparing military essay paper writers preparation that would put the state fight, academic preparation that allowed them poursu re graduation. On request of Honnorat, Minister War put at their disposal the Jausiers barracks, a few kilometers Barcelonnette, in admirable mountain setting, space planning, organization studies were quickly led the r-cc scrhc military school, I iusicrs lîasscs Alps Excursion Farnaillnn Anul I G. military training is given in command Colonel Dzovovricht his sergeant major, lieutenant lovanovitch it is not within this framework study the school itself is under the direction Gamonet, primary inspector in Sisteron, assisted by a Deputy Director, a peeler six teachers. Nearly three hundred young-ens g were gathered in Jausiers students gyms, normal schools, trade schools of agriculture, they form the battalion a ersitaire composed two companies fault up to Jausiers, a third company had to be organized in Mont-Dauphin. A general regulation lays down the conditions under which insured the institution holding material, labor discipline of hygiene students and maintenance of premises equipment, organization of military training school work hours rest, mail service, medical service, excursions ind iduelles, sanctions, special instructions regarding storage service told French station canteen attendance. Under the authority French scholarship letter writing service branch Serb military command, observation settlement is monitored by teachers by military officers need to write an essay in one day in setting limits of the powers vested in them respect ement. The use of time is working days Alarm been five hours, six hours h er Sunset was a twenty hours, twenty hours military exercises outdoors inside su ant season two hours a day.