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They rerent salt to further serious examination of the collection of the articles written 'i by Adhemar Orme, praised it all points émirent Vuni they were made without delay ohligafoires This collection was preserved for over a century the manuscript in a state ersity Valencia, that was printed.

ement excess is uncommon nowadays etnons only know that a copy given to Grenoble library by Jules Oll ier.

Its extent not allow us to reproduce here, we will only analyze a few extracts in the eyes of our readers.

reads Latin.

Had head is prologue in which Adhemar briefly state the subject purpose his business, he ends with this beautiful invocation God, creator all things, we are witnessing in our raccomplisscmentde purposely Jarie Virgin, mother lillc great king, chosen from the beginning our T ersity for a boss, which no one ever invokes vain help, deign also grant us his favors, constantly interested in our work! The author then know detail, in a long series of articles, organizing one ersity, the respective duties members, nature their work, internal discipline establishment nothing is ouIjlié in this exhibition, background are also remarkable. The first article special cult object for only one ersity will get to Blessed Virgin Mary, patron saint, designed these terms consent From all counselors, doctors, cenciés, graduates, school other members ersitaire a body in the articles observed facts our predecessors, we solve ordain, by a specific provision, irrevocable mandatory pcr pét side, that party write my essay discount code Piiritieation Virgin Mary, our patroness rt or very devoutly celebrated every year I Tirn ersity that for this purpose a mass solen 'nelle be told in church Bourg-lès-Valence speak aloud canons priests that church to the altar before the picture Yicrge the expense uni versity, to be attended by rector, the regents, doctors, licensees, bachelors, students all the agents one ersity, which will have to get back the body, preceded rector.

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After the injunction which honors the religious feelings of his colleagues write my essay reviews help with argumentative thesis Adhemar, statutes regulate all that relates to the election, the duties of the President are to prérogat mid ersity. The rector, to reason oftlce penny, is first memher body must be clerk, born of a legitimate marriage, have twenty-five years old. PTT will be chosen ly, sometimes among school children from the provinces that are beyond Rhone, sometimes among those provinces that are below his powers last year, dop s December Conception feast, until the same day the year su ante.

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will board composed of twelve members, chosen from among the most outstanding students by their conduct their investigation, which must be under twenty-cpiatre years. In of them serve as treasurer functions other than attorney trustee one ersity. The powers of the board start will end with those thesis editing services rector. The election will be held as follows Rector On November each year, year rector convene counselors in Xotre-Dame-la-Uonde church, where Mass will be celebrated the bnniKnn 'Blessed Virgin. After Mass, deliver disconrs in which they speak of a choice nouve.iu Rector then will they swear appoint one they deem most worthy, not reveal their choice until the day of solemn ballot publication.

The vote will be by secret ballot shall be reported in sealed official seal rector verhal those three councilors. This record verhal must be kept secret until the month of December. That day, one ersity be convened its bell in the cathedral church beyond where it will hear Mass, after which new rector appointment and that his counsel shall be notified to the assistants.

So Dr. theology deliver speeches Ihonneur ûcVimmacidcc design, it will take care finish by praising the former rector also urge that has been elected to fulfill the duties then charges the former rector's council will be elected from the poui to linviler enter telu function will be immediately presented to the bishop, who will receive custom my essay his contîrmera his election as chancellor oath one ersity. It is expressly forbidden to all body members to solicit for votes to be raised to college application essay services the dignity rectory anyone offer them money or ask a petition of this tin is disqualified from holding load president, if elected consequently these maneuvers, auto essay writer his election is void right. In meetings, assemblies, academic ceremonies, the rector, to reason his office, will take precedence over our readers trouvenint formula oath among the doctors rooms, licensees, graduates, other henchmen, whatever their condition, their condition, their rank, dignity throughout their pr ilèges word when found with other members ersitaire a body, to Lead. will be considered as leader, it will respect all obedience. determine the order instead of exercises, duration of lessons each teacher. The lessons take place every day except Thursday each week, holidays, Sundays, during holidays, that day ouvrirontle Nat ity beyond A'ierge holy, holy feast day will end Luke. On Thursday they other holidays, rector may prescribe rehearsals, lectures, disputes other academic acts.