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We slept outside in snow mud, next morning, he often had individual medley were dead cold.

We had to escape, said another, as the deserted wild mountains of Albania, an unknown road without how to buy an essay online milestones that other corpses and dying in ice snow without shelter res v, brushing each not dead.

Near the Greek-Serbian border armed Albanians a ax attack me for bogus Turkish I had my comrades on the shoulder come to my rescue the Albanians simply can take.

Kotzitch Nikolas, Mills High the help book essay School. A third operation for three months, from the r ières wading, wet to the layer under the stars at night g-laced. For food, grenades, too happy when Albanians consented to sell him bread to track gold prices moldy corn Loukovicht Mil oyé, Laka school 'to get down to the snowy slopes, sit and let go all seems funny now, but at time when had to roll over the dead, it was sad. J antchevitch Ilia, Lyon High School.

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The wind pierced the icy clothes, hunger tugged stomachs, these children pay people to write papers do not even dare to sleep forever, because if they were asleep, cold had killed them Jekitch Ouroch, Lyon High School.

Continual alerts kept them awake. We arr souls, says one of them, before a r st where Albanians are wont go travelers, but we found was night person.

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We settled to spend night as conveniently as possible.

After an hour we heard not come to us, that we etîraya much as we thought they were Albanians killed that day had major family we had seen them rob these poor people throw them in precipice.

Dimitriyevitch And always the horrible death pain shows. We crossed marches beside them, digging corpses filled abysses horses.

The bad smell kept us breathe. The corpses of the poor soldiers of the refugees were many good too. Yekitch Ouroch, Climbing a montag-only, child caught in a bush man trembling, lying in front help me essay of an extinguished custom writing assignment fire. Came near and asked him What are you, my friend? The voice that answered was so weak he could hear but saw that this man died, holding piece meat was a Serb soldier Krsmanovitch Radoyé, college Another always keep before his eyes the image of a woman jelly, lying amidst research paper writing service reviews a trail, pale wrinkled face pain, eyes widened as if they were looking distant homeland birthplace. She held tight, like she was afraid to let go, miserable child wrapped diapers, which tied the breast mother lips, sleeping the eternal sleep. All passed without turning his head, woman remained unknown, buried gradually by snow haste to make her tomb Mirko Ilich, Lyon High School. Some say they have hardened these terrible scenes have walked among the corpses with complete indifference Simitch Yesdimir, Mills High School. But most admit that soufUnited Statess walk through the Albanian mountains will remain forever etched in their minds, that most gays events will not efîacer Mirko Ilich, Lyon High School. It is tragic cry of a child sixteen years seems to be dead is a very pleasant thing but look dead ahead is really alFreux! J antchevitch Ilya, Lyon High School. If the water transmuted all the seas ink, if the boys became world scribes They could not write all my sorrows. This song had to come back often on those QUF resisted as fatigue, small groups alone reached Salonika Scutari.