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Our Serbian hosts will Serbian Official Journal, publication of which was suspended since government had left Nish, appeared for the first time in Corfu April.

A long press realized the reception United States to the children of refugees.

suffice to extract the lines below section c We should be grateful generous French people have warmly welcomed our children giving them opportunity restore after so soutUnited Statess miseries that began more than once endangered their lives, as well as allowing them to refresh their mind to return to their countries with a higher knowledge of things broader views that when the enemy invasion forced them to leave and when the children have gone home, their parents feel in true measure how much they do ent recognition for good people who made their son needed to save their on September, the education of Serb children was the subject of a debate Skupshtina.

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The Minister of Public Instruction, M, Lyubomir Davidovitch, was brought to the statements antes su Allow Gentlemen, say for now a few words gratitude to the great French nation address generous v ats resounding extended at United States, at beautiful people who took what is the best custom essay writing service in her breast over three thousand five hundred of our children Cris our eternal gratitude! received them with open arms am convinced that noble French nation will teach them that although Cris Fifth psychology paper writing service French nation! I am sure, gentlemen, for my nation no equal, attendance of children who fought in Kumanovo, Bitolje, Brégalnitza, Matcheva, Roudnik Kosmai with children winners Marne, the Yser Verdun Champagne thunderous applause produce such an effect on our youth that she will return home regenerated in, reporting the splendid French culture magnificent secular benefits.

Speaking as a critical issue, allow me, gentlemen, as representing the Serbian statement, as member Serbian people pay me a g-reat debt we incurred seems.

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Gentlemen, that in such serious circumstances than those that we go, we can have something more important to express our profound great French nation eternal letter writing services gratitude for the welcome given to our youth applause cries Fifth French nation! The A ersity can be proud of this recognition admiration testimonies it draws no vanity, for the work which she could not praise does not accomplish, but it is sweet to have worked for homeland for humanity, faithful to the traditions glorious past, have once again incarnated soul United States. To accept these photos souvenire remerciment the oyine Stancotitch Serbian student, college Pons. To combine this little letter took two days. I'm healthy all my comrades you Arr ed in Tournon, thank you very much for gifts greet you cordially.

I arr ed clans Tournon where you welcome, thanks for beautiful gift, lot's salvation. Fifth United States I fifth freedom! I am here arr ed in high school, likes very good. Your expensive taste was very nice sign French brotherhood, many thanks for this package.

Many of the Saints to your friends.

I received your kind letter, thank you. I'm gay because I learn French when I would tell you it will write a very long letter. Many greetings to Get the best memories of a little brother. My dear little French sister, I hope Voas not forget me. I wear pretty well and now task of learning French language my homeland where else find remedies to think my injuries waiting day victory defines e peerage hoping to give me a few shouts Fifth United buy a research paper online cheap States, up Fifth Serbia, V ent allies. good hands wrists to you My Dear French sister I received your package with pleasure, I thank you package your package. Again thank you because you are I can never forget aubsi can make the best souvenir you a Serb who you souveniere For your brother Serbian Relat e to V education of young Serbs in a normal ersities in French schools. Government and French Republic, animated sincere desire to involve Serbian youth to the cultural benefits ançaise instruction determined to promote all their efforts this youth education in paraphrasing mla a French ersities in Normal Schools wishing to conclude a convention for that purpose have appointed as their plenipotentiaries his Excellency Nicolas Pashitch, Chairman Board Minister of Foreign Affairs Serbia, for Serbia, and his Excellency Auguste Boppe, envoy extraordinary Minister Plenipotentiary United States from Serbian Government for United States. Who, having communicated their full powers, found good due form, have agreed Each year ersities A normal Schools teachers of teachers United States will number of students of students, Serbian masters, appointed by Government Serbian. This number will be fixed in the month of July, for the school year managed ante decision by the Education Minister, help write my paper following an agreement between the two French Serbian Governments. To this end, immediately after signing agreement, the Serbian Government will announce French government number of Serbian students that want to see the re phd writer su during a normal ersities French Schools during the three years that succeeded the inclusion. The French Government, according to number and told him to be, means a more ersities A normal schools in which will be taken measures to facilitate education in these young Serbian institutions, including measures to be defined in the articles su ers this agreement.