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The pupils admitted to brotherhood do that will pay. The college teachers will be forced by dean pay those big. If required withholding will be made on their emoluments. In the future, anyone will be done in a doctor Associate ersity pay gold crown to brotherhood licensed master theology shall, upon receipt, return guilder first baile brotherhood for all then pay annual fee like other colleagues.

The non-aggregated, if they live Avignon, guilder will pay if large transeuntes passing only. The dean will require and send the money first baile, otherwise should pay his pocket.

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When aggregated doctors come to die, his heirs will pay first baile golden sun shield.

Whereby said bailes attend the funeral the deceased with torches. This payment will be made within one year after novena. The heirs of deceased doctors who will CONSTITUTION OF THE CORPORATION A ERSITAIRE state has lost pall need help writing an essay who was very beautiful accounts are not regularly visited chapel altarpiece is devoid of holiness.

Demrsiècle a later situation is not better.

The same chapel, through wall which practiced a starter, is but a passing rain on the altar there can not say mass. This altar is adorned badly that no puny hamlet who has not cleaner more beautiful altarpiece.

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Mass deaths were neglected although brotherhood was created in purpose, is difficult to preach speaker March.

The same procession is neglected Vice-Legates are surprised that in great solemnities doctors show little zeal. Let us add that these ceremonies were not the only ones the doctors were obliged. They should be included nonseulement Masses by which opened, as will the school year, but all these processions that the clergy readily multiplied Ascension, Corpus Christi, etc. Those were certainly great opportunities for a ersity appear brightly in brilliant procession show rank she held in city.

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to think, however, despite the pride attributed to him, that such events not her doctors dissertation writers hire themselves will pay a florin, the aforesaid ceremonies to be writers help online celebrated elsewhere. of doct. of March, April, May The deliberate altarpiece to build, buy two candlesticks to make candles for the procession Annunciation. Seemed monotonous eventually tired. The dean constantly top essay writing service complaining, especially during the eighteenth who can write my essay for me century, not having, the following should processions. In, for example, Ascension Day, eight ten doctors only accompany it, to such a ceremony is almost alone is hardly finds six doctors to carry dais with the Regents'. need help with a title for essay In vain College multiplies warnings remonstrances, fixed minimum number of mandatory attendance, pr e absentees of their chips support two members each carry DEPLUS tighter control year.