Department of Peace and Governance

Department Chairperson - Mr Katsinde


Undergraduate Degree Programmes on Offer

Postgraduate Degree Programmes on Offer

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The Department of Social Sciences endeavours to promote human welfare through education and research.


The Department of Social Sciences seeks to deliver quality education, excel in research, and extend the frontiers of knowledge, competence and diligence in the social sciences.

Core Values

This is achieved through research, teaching and extension services. In pursuit, the department will be guided by the following core values:

  • Humanity
  • Morality
  • Sacrifice
  • Principle
  • Conscience
  • Character
  • Work

Departmental Staff

  • Mahuku Darlington Ngoni, Master of Arts Degree in International Relations (Wits), BA Honours in International Relations (Wits), BA General UZ
  • Mabvurira Vincent, Bachelor of Social Work Honours (UZ),Cert Research Ethics, (ANAMAT), MSW student (UZ)
  •  KatsindeTapfuiwa J., Masters in Sociology of Education, Bachelor of Education, Certificate Of Education
  • Dodo Obediah, Master in Peace and Governance (Africa University), Post-Grad Diploma in Peace (AU), BA in English and Communication (ZOU), Dip in Mass Communication (Harare Polytechnic College)
  • Chisvo David Jack, Bachelor of Social Work Degree (University of Zimbabwe),Higher Diploma in Human Resources (Institute of People Management – Zimbabwe), Diploma in Management of Training (Institute of People Management – Zimbabwe)
  • Chipaike Ronald, BSc Hons Political Science (UZ), MSc in International Relations (UZ)
  • Chigondo Etiya Edith, Master of Science in Social Work Degree (University of Zimbabwe), Bachelor of Social Work Degree (University of Zimbabwe), Diploma in Social Work (University of Zimbabwe),Diploma in Hotel Management and Operations (CPM), Diploma in Tourism and Travel Agency Management (CPM)
  • Masuka Tawanda, Certificate in Project Management (UZ) Bachelor of Social Work Honours (UZ), Master of Social Work degree (UZ)
  • Matavire Monica, Master in Curriculum and Arts –History (UZ), B ED History, Solusi University,Diploma in Education History Hillside Teachers College
  • Maushe Francis, Masters of Science in Social Work (University of Zimbabwe), Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (University of Zimbabwe), Diploma in Social Work (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Mbanje Bowden B.C, Master of Science Degree in International Relations-UZ, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Political Science-UZ, Bachelor of Technology: Education Management Degree-Technikon
  • Mugumbate Jacob, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) UZ(pending), Master Science Social Work (University of Zimbabwe), BSc. Honours in Social Work (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Ngwerume Emmaculate Tsitsi, M.A in Economic History (UZ), B.A Hons in Economic History (UZ), Post- Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management (UZ)
  • Chamunogwa Nyoni, Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology) (University of South Africa), Masters of Science Population Studies (University of Zimbabwe), Bachelor’s Education Degree (University of Zimbabwe), Diploma in Education (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Makwerere David, Masters in Peace and Governance (AU), Bachelor of Science in Counselling (ZOU), Diploma in Education (Secondary) (UZ), Certificate in Conflict Analysis, Mapping and Intervention (IPLG),Certificate in Family Health and Life Studies (MTC),Certificate in Soccer Refereeing (Preliminary) (ZSRA),Certificate in Sports Administration (MWSDA)
  • Muchemwa Cyprian, Masters Degree in Modern African History (UZ), Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in History (UZ), Certificate in Leadership (UZ), Certificate in Security Studies (RSI)
  • Mtisi Mwaonazvangu, Diploma in Secretarial Studies (Mutare Polytechnic), Southern African Accounting Technician Part 1
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