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Those who managed to rescue Thessaloniki found comfort from the French military authorities.

For other term travel not mark the end of evils.

What would become best writing service websites of these children in a city where all refugees flocked c they where headquarters settled where debris gathered the army? The famine that had tortured them in the mountains of Albania watching them again.

The situation became intolerable for those unfortunates who had one desire, leaving, leaving for Italy, United States, exile still further, but from promptly fled forever from help essays the earth soufUnited Statess. That is when a decision qu'arr French government offered students gather gym nases unfit Serbian military service age not yet called to porteries weapons. After fifteen days, fifteen hundred were enrolled. The rendezvous was fixed for boarding at St. John Medua.

About eight hundred went there alone with their parents put other road piped MM.

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Obradovitch, Inspector of Secondary Education, Knéjévitch, Secretary to the Ministry of Public Instruction column, which included eighteen girls covered day step forty-five kilometers between St.

John Scutari Medua January at nine o'clock at night, they put foot on age r It was beautiful tents had been erected on the r age, while world camped meantime came the ships that were to transport the fugitives United States.

This life was not without charms for young Serbs love freedom that lack comfort not surprised.

They endured more difficult rationing food they had to settle biscuit canned beef, often confused in the essay writer the same meal dinner sleep for trumpet When announcing arrival of airplanes resounded enemies, abandoned tents for shelter of the rocks, the planes flew over buying an essay camp, throwing their bombs went away, poursu is by firing battery life over again until a new alert. Or it was sinking ship, torpedoed, struck by a mine, when despair was learned that a large loading flour went bottom water, this rare flour, ardently fought.

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Finally in January arr Erent two Italian ships, one of which, Cita Bari for school transportation essay proofreading service Colony.

Four hundred older students boarded ship them up the same day anchor at six in the evening, greeted by Austrian hydro-plane threw two bombs essay help online fell on one port, ship second to forty meters, raising a column best mba essay writing service of water twenty meters high, help with writing thesis and sowing panic among the passengers. The trip happily effected under protection of allied destroyers master's thesis help evening colony landed at Brindisi, she remained there twenty-four hours in shacks built on beach next evening at eleven, she was traveling in a special train to United States, after uneventful trip she has finally arr in Modane. Children under fifteen years, women, young girls who did not find room on Cita Bari, embarked in January on a medical boat under two driving dune teacher teachers. Bad luck would barely left port, the ship was captured. After Capt fifty-four hours ity Austrians released him, came without warning new fugitives Another group meets in Thessaloniki. It was made most people New Serbia, the lands acquired Bucharest Treaty. For some, those Monastir border rég'ions, Greece was passing without much fatigue, but most suffered many terrible punishments were those who died hungry, lying in snow frozen mud, slept for more awaken. The account has done louisiana purchase research paper so much misery of survivors, many could remake. The rain fell in torrents, essay custom writing he said, after an hour walking we were soaked to the gully where we were at the time of filling water descending from the nearby hills. Fate was against us, but it did not trouble us since we were already wet from rain, we advanced slowly in the water that we have up arms arr.