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The clean air, good food, Ionic were quick back frequently visited by doctors carefully monitored, their robust constitution triumphed without much The Committee Serbian Youth ersitaire Serbian Nation Committee shared load renew their wardrobe too often alas! to constitute them.

We will study further the work these two associations but should be mentioned here that contest having brought their palities individuals.

This support manifested by donations of money kind donations. A naming names could hurt the enemy's generosity allowed us big day will however indicate that large manufacturers SaintEtienne gave Tun.

francs, another, a third, that from the earliest days Thonon college received dollars of city inhabitants, a company Railways sent. CHF school Nimes, that without being provoked, the offerings at this establishment reached quickly.

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francs, a call to Bagnols-sur-Cèze population occurred.


How not to report touching gesture Belgian soldiers passing Périers who made a collection brought together product, dollars, the director upper primary school? In Saint-Etienne, the city provides a subsidy. dollars in Saint-Marcellin, mayor makes buy on Bonus Savings Bank, forty five shirts, thirty pairs of socks, five dozen handkerchiefs Committee Industry and Commerce Grenoble an award francs, not to mention a donation trousers, leggings, socks, shoes Moulins, the work opens a subscription Serbian garment producing.

Departmental Committee tarnois dollars aid to war victims puts dollars in principal provision help writing a essay for college College Gaillac over a lot knits, sweaters, shirts, handkerchief, socks scarf Similarly, the Committee allocates dollars Anjou College Cholet. These are the most important gifts, can not raise the slightest offerings as donations in kind, they were innumerable. Here is industrial sending thirty-two knitwear there, collects three complete garments, two coats, three sweaters, wool knitwear fifteen, nine pants, shirts cinquantequatre thirty-four pairs of socks also provides a factory forty custom cloth costumes Ladies Red Cross, a cloakroom for the United Kingdom expelled the invaded country completely dress shirt Serbian children from up shoes to cap student young girls schools, online dissertation workrooms of alumni associations, cut sew for exiles needles run in wool cloth, school a level german essay help of happiness to take warm clothes clean laundry is not greater than that of donors to give them that joy.

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Young Serbs were distributed by Marseille to Aix-les-Bains centers between high schools, upper primary schools after college the studies they had done in their homeland. Most, having already knew several classes i a gymnasium, were sent to our high schools, but was difiîcile push further assimilation to French too many students were unaware our language knew only the rudiments those possessed handling were the exception. So we found almost everywhere led to organize special courses for Serbs in which the French intensive teaching constitute main part of the studies. This enseig-ment, given the direct method, was quickly put children state not only take part in a usual website that writes essays for you yahoo answers conversation, but managed to re school exercise their French comrades insiders First of the simplest subjects, they would be conducted gradually by degrees to more difficult. Besides the lectures, relying on contact with our students, recreation, walking, dining hall, dormitory, on recommendation of the Serbian supervisors talk as little as possible in the national language, to make fusion between Serbian French elements. This program is made point to point with the results we expected. We find direct evidence in reports our principals indirect confirmation in combinations that occurred early It would be tedious to go into detail for each institution hourly lessons all repeat more less since all were drawn to the same profit reach the high school schedule Poitiers reproduced in annexes can be considered as a template. See It is interesting to note the progress principals, principals, directors of graduate schools, find all rejoice. From January March, teaching Mills High School Serbian students had been given only retired schoolteacher.