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Grades one ersitaires. Dean. Rector.

pr ilèges conservative judges. Beadles, a ersifés The old, established to teach umvcrscllcmcnt all sciences, formed dord inary, as we have said, four sections that each option had its professors separate its students.

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The number of teachers varied rimportancc places based on number of Chairs established by the act of foiidatiou. In principle, called Lcclcurs Liseurs, because they were reading dictated their lessons, which were also called reading later they were appointed under the name Regents.

I they were elected consuls each city, passing with them coutrats called pipes, word for r é cnniluctio Latin, meaning hired.

These contracts, background, were louages ​​of faculty services talents, i assaient for few years, unless renewed before rexjjiiation end.

Imus later, the chairs gave coneonrs those obtained them were filled by the bishop, they ékiient installed by one ersity. Their provision facility must be registered with bedroom finance office accounts Fees for teachers, especially in law school, amounted annually to considerable figure for the time they were paid by the city, failing foundations for cà but Celtic linen State Besides the professors, were also in each faculty professors was called aggregated doctors they were entitled to attend meetings of faculty which they were members they took part in the competitions committee work, suppléaient teachers regents, who were unable to give their lessons because other legitimate cause disease.

Coursework writer

They were present to theses other exercises schoolchildren, interviewing arguing with them when they were requested by Chairman. The aggregated doctors gave contest seats they were, generally, i read what is the best college essay editing service that many professors.

A Boston law faculty was composed seven professors aggregated twelve doctors in Valencia, had five aggregated in theology faculty, nine in the law, five in the medicine. This number has varied in course of time.

All other doctors, some faculty they belonged, were excluded from meetings, had no part either to puhlic student exercises or emoluments hire someone to write my essay or the proceedings of general meetings.

Students examinations for promotion to grade a ersitaires ers took place at certain times. These grades were more degrees lower, as more knowledge less widespread those heuieux enough for olitenir. Valencia were distinguished, as in all other kingdom ersities, four kinds degrees the master of arts, the bachelor, he dismissed the doctor. The promotions were held in all faculties but the most numerous candidates which is the best essay writing service almost always belonged to the right theology faculties. We know that help in essay writing from the beginning of a ersities, the most important ecclesiastical bénélices were devolved to graduate and archbishoprics the help on writing a thesis bishoprics, dignities of the cathedrals, theological and pénitenceries sinecures, dignities college, cooked in cities the main places, were so benefits could be possessed only by licensed doctors of canon law theology. It still retains today filing arch es prefetching Drôme, several legistres promotions made in the faculties of straps one ersity Valencia, dating to the first years Cujas, who often bear famous signatures teacher. ClKupie faculty had to head dean who watched the observation of the statutes, was entitled precedence in the four faculties éunissaient general meetings sometimes they were then convotpiées chaired by rector. The ccteur él.iit head one whole ersity. iremière instance had jurisdiction on all cmbres that were part and internal police establishment.